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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

These are the words of the famous Kargil hero, Yogendra Singh Yadav, who with his immense courage and heroism, helped us get one step closer to winning the battle of the Tiger Hill. He’s one of those officers who are remembered for their service during the Kargil War. It has been 21 years since the war began and it still continues to be as fresh as it can be in the minds of the people. Yogendra Singh Yadav was born on 10 May,1980 in Aurangabad Ahir, Bulandshahr District of Uttar Pradesh.
In 2020, when the pandemic hit the entire world, India was among those nations which weren’t affected by it that much but, gradually saw a massive spread of Coronavirus in the nation. With a massive lockdown across the country and an inseparable void to better the nation, the Indian Army came on the fore-front to serve us during the pandemic. It is important to remember that while the whole nation was on a lockdown, the entire army was on duty. During this time, the Army with the assistance of the government launched “Operation Namaste”, a campaign launched to combat the spread of Covid-19 by setting up quarantine facilities across the nation. Launched by Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane, this operation consisted of eight quarantine facilities in total which catered to the ailing covid patients in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and kashmir.
This article will continue to focus on the important days that are integral to the defence forces. Every year, there are certain days kept for celebrating the spirit and history of the Army, Navy and Airforce. The idea is to educate defense aspirants as it will be beneficial for them to know about the history and reason behind the celebration of these days.

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