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New SSB Batch starts on every Monday.

Written batches for CDS/NDA/AFCAT/TA/CAPF/SSC runs every month

Hello everyone,
I am Dheeraj Sherawat, recently got recommended for THE INDIAN AIR FORCE in the NDA-144 course in my 6th SSB attempt.

Well, it was on 21 November 2018 that I began with my preparation under the guidance of Kunwar Pratap Singh Sir and Deepak Sir at the GEORGIANS ACADEMY FOR PROFESSIONAL STUDIES, Sector-7, Dwarka. The best part that I witnessed here was that the uniqueness of each candidate was maintained and detailed case studies were done with each one of us. We were told not to run in the race for getting recommended and cracking the SSB Interview, rather we had to evolve ourselves and become better human beings and the recommendation will follow. And we were guided about what SSB is all about and the know-how to bring out the best in us.

Finally, on 21 January 2019, I reported at 4AFSB Varanasi for NDA-142 and got screened in. I went through the process but could not make it and got conference out on 25 January 2019. I came back and discussed everything in detail with my mentors and came to know about my shortcomings. Since I was in class 12th, I focused on my studies and managed to get a good result in CBSE as well as JEE.

As soon as I was done with 12th, I began the preparation for my second SSB for the TES-42. I reported at 32 SSB Kapurthala on 3 July 2019 and I again got conference out. This time I felt very low and disappointed for not getting through even after a lot of preparation. But the support and belief of my family and teachers did not let me lose hope and I buckled up for NDA-143 SSB which was scheduled at 2AFSB Mysore in the next month.

By this time, I had joined DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY for pursing B.Tech. in IT stream. It was my third attempt and this time I met Ramandeep Ma’am at GAPS, who helped me with my preparation. On 19 August 2019, I reported at 2 AFSB Mysore and got screened in my third attempt. I was confident and gave my best in each task but unfortunately for no good. I got conference out for the third consecutive time. I again went to my mentors and I was told one thing by Deepak Sir that left a great impact on my mind. He stated that I have everything within me to get through but it was me who will decide when I’ll make it. This made me realise the confidence that my teachers had in me and I started working even harder.

Now came 13 September 2019 and it was time for my 4th SSB under the Navy 10+2 B.Tech. Entry. This time I skipped the Freshers’ Week in my college and reported at NSB Kolkata. I again got screened in but the end result was all the same. This was the 4th continuous setback for me in a single year. By this time, my parents wanted me to focus more on my college studies and to keep the SSB stuff on hold. But I had something else in my mind and continued to eye the SSB. I knew I will be having 3 more SSB interviews in the beginning of 2020, and kept on introspecting. In the meantime, I continued to go to GAPS, the teachers there had become a family for me. I discussed everything with them and continued the preparation.

It was 7 January 2020 and I reported at 20 SSB Bhopal for TES-43. I wanted to start this year with a high and got screened in. The result was yet again the same and I could not make it for the 5th time. This time I went on to look upon each of my SSB attempts and what mistakes I had made. Surprisingly it was a new mistake that I was doing each time. I discussed this with my mentors and they advised me not to think about previous attempts now and go with a very free mind. One of my friends told me to have zero expectations from the next attempt and if I get recommended then it will be a bonus for me. I kept this in my mind and removed all thoughts of getting recommended. By this time, I had accepted that desperation was not going to take me anywhere and if I could not make it again then nothing is going to happen. It will just mean that I will have to get up one more time.

So just after 20 days, I went to Varanasi on 26th January. This was the day I came back after my first attempt from the same place exactly one year before. I reported at 4AFSB Varanasi on 27 January 2020 for NDA-144 and got screened in. This time I was very casual and did not think about the results even for once. I just went for each task one by one and gave my best with whatever I had. Finally, it was the conference day, and soon the DSO was on the podium with the results. He announced the chest numbers and then I heard “CHEST NUMBER 49”. This was the time I had been waiting for since the last 15 months and finally I completed the circle. My journey was complete at the same place where I had begun. I was breathing heavily and everything flashed back, my family, my teachers and of course the struggle during the months.

At last I would like to dedicate this recommendation to my parents, the mentors at GAPS, my school teachers and my friends. All these people around me never lost confidence in me and kept on supporting me in my toughest times. I want to say that never lose hope and just keep striving.Things do fall into place, as they say at GAPS.

Fall 5 times, rise up 6!!

Jai Hind.

Dheeraj Sehrawat

Tushar Kumar

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